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GE Healthcare Single Leadset Without Adapter


Available in all 4 lengths

This individual lead is utilized for replacing broken leads on the GE MAC series portable ECG machine. The advantage it brings is the financial feasibility of replacing single/individual leads that are broken, rather than purchasing a full leadset when only a few leads need replacing. This items is available in 4 different lengths and is sold without an adaptor.

Brands:: GE Healthcare


GE MAC5000/MAC5500 ECG Single Lead, without Adapter, available in all 4 lengths:

 OEM Part Number Length  SKU 
2001925-005  26 inches (66 cm)  SPXECG-GE-1L01 
2001925-006 35 inches (90 cm)   SPXECG-GE-1L02  
2001925-003 40 inches (102 cm)   SPXECG-GE-1L03  
2001925-004  51 inches (130 cm) SPXECG-GE-1L04
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