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ICON® Portable noninvasive cardiometer

Portable Noninvasive Cardiometer

ICON Parameters

  • Blood Flow: SV, SI, CO, CI, HR
  • Fluid Status: TFC, FTc, SVV
  • Contractility & Cardiac Function: ICON, VIC, STR, CPI, PEP, LVET
  • Vascular Resistance: SVR, SVRI (when CVP specified)
  • Blood Pressure: MAP, SBP, DBP
  • Oxygenation: DO2,DO2I

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The ICON® is a portable, noninvasive cardiometer for the continuous measurement of different hemodynamic parameters in neonates, children or adults. This includes the measurement of Cardiac Output. The ICON® has a high-resolution 3.5 “screen and is used as a stand-alone device.

The ICON® is the world’s first and only hand-held und thus portable, battery-operated cardiometer specifically validated and approved for premature and neonatal use. The size and weight of the ICON® are ideal for mobile use or for situations with limited space. In addition to routine spot checks during clinical rounds, continuous measurement of a patient for at least two hours is possible in battery mode.

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