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AESCULON® Noninvasive hemodynamic monitor

AESCULON® Parameters

  • Blood Flow: SV, SI, CO, CI, HR
  • Fluid Status: TFC, FTc, SVV
  • Contractility & Cardiac Function: ICON, VIC, STR, CPI, PEP, LVET
  • Vascular Resistance: SVR, SVRI (when CVP specified)
  • Blood Pressure: MAP, SBP, DBP
  • Oxygenation: DO2,DO2I

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The AESCULON® is an independent and complete hemodynamic monitoring system, equipped with a high-resolution 12“ touch-sensitive screen. Blood pressure can be measured using a non-invasive cuff. The systemic vascular resistance (SVR) can be determined by entering the central venous pressure (CVP). In addition, the use of a Masimo pulse oximetry chipset enables the measurement of oxygen saturation (SpO2) and hemoglobin content. The oxygen supply (DO2) can be determined in connection with the cardiac output. On battery mode, operation is possible for at least one hour.

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