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Philips Invasive Blood Pressure Adapter Cable


The Philips IBP Adaptor cable(s) are used to interface disposable single-use invasive pressure transducers with the Philips monitors. This product is used in critical/acute settings where arterial lines are inserted into patients for more accurate BP readings. This particular cable is available in different version to connect a variety of different transducers such as Medex Abbott, BBraun, BD, Edwards, Utah and more.

Brands:: Philips


Philips Invasive Blood Pressure Adapter Cable

Part Number Distal Connector End (Transducer Type)
SPXIBP-P-01 Argon
SPXIBP-P-02 BBraun
SPXIBP-P-04 Edward
SPXIBP-P-05 Medex Abbott
SPXIBP-P-06 Utah
SPXIBP-P-07 Medex Logical
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