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Ohio Medical NEO2 Oxygen Blender

  • With assembled 0-15 and 0-1 Flowmeters: 6750-0018-907
  • With assembled 0-15 and 0-15 Flowmeters: 6750-0018-910
  • With assembled 0-15 and 0-3.5 Flowmeters: 6750-0018-919
Brands:: Ohio Medical


NEO2 Blend are equipped with a unique gas bleed ON/OFF switch to increase accuracy when needed, conserve gas and reduce worries. We offer models with multiple outlet ports that deliver the same highly accurate selected FiO2. Most models can be customized to include a flowmeter attachment with a variety of flow rates available. The blenders contain an audible alarm which warns the user if either of the gas sources change by more than 20 psi from the other. These blenders are suitable for respiratory applications including routine therapy, ventilator gas supply, sophisticated life-support and critically-limited NICU procedures.

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