Medical Device Services


Medical Equipment Procurement Services

Purchasing the appropriate device makes all the difference in delivering safe and effective patient care. Our biomedical engineers can provide a concise and detailed review of your options with up-to-date market knowledge of different products. Insight pertaining to technical requirements, post sale service costs, and usability of the device will ensure you and your organization purchase the right medical device that meets your clinical needs.

Risk Management Services

Risk Management

In managing services on medical devices, Spectramedx subscribes to ECRI (Emergency Care Research Institute) for real-time notification on alerts & recalls for all medical devices. In doing so, customers are notified in real-time when a manufacturer releases a notification for any issues related to a device.

Spectramedx provides unbiased,  professional investigation of adverse patient safety events pertaining to medical equipment faults and breakdowns. Following the best practices of AAMI and The Joint Commission,  a full report can be provided pertaining to patient safety events, looking at all aspects of work-flow and equipment to identify the root cause.

Regulatory Compliance & Auditing

All services and equipment provided by Spectramedx meet the regulatory requirements of the CSA Group per Health Canada and the FDA. Services provided on medical equipment managed by Spectramedx will  include full support on internal/external auditing reviews. In support of a regulatory review of your your medical equipment inventory, a dedicated account representatives will be on-site.


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